Coming Home ~ Embracing Resilience



“Go back and take care of yourself.

Go home, and be there for all things.”

Thich Nhat Hahn


It’s May again!! I LOVE May! In all its glorious, fragile, green and blooming  life, here are the essential signs of resiliency in nature.




Everywhere, in this small coastal community, the warm glad expression “welcome home!” envelopes my newest chapter in this ongoing journey. After a “sabbatical” year away, exploring, teaching, sharing life with family & friends in a new city & state, ~ I again have chosen, with further conviction and commitment, my home place ~ and returned.




This Coming Home, this Embracing of Resilience, is a confirmation of the truth that sometimes our (my) traveling toward a new place, time , life – results in traversing the path of a circle. Sometimes we must leave in order to choose to return and to stay. Sometimes we must leave in order to heal, to learn, to find renewed resilience and strength. This year away has taught me that “home” is a certain quality of light, a purity of air and wind, the texture of the soft earth I walk on each morning, an awareness of immensity and infinity, a sense of place and purpose, a rare balance of solitude and community. Each of us must choose for ourselves- and hope to find that place which sustains our best self.






Coming home, in my life, is finally a complete embracing of resilience. This long, complex, challenging, ever-changing Journey of Reslience is perpetual; however, I’m discovering some shimmering power can transform the journey when the resilience itself is embraced and trusted. No longer just a hope, or a goal, or a title of the path I try to walk ~ but a reality, a solid forever part of who I am.

So, this past year has been an adventure, an exploration, something gained and something given, ~but I have come home now, to settle into a truth – into the powerful nature of consciously deciding:

I trust that I will be given what I need, and placed where I am needed.

For now, gratefully, here I am.

Still teaching children to read, still singing with the sea, still glad it is May again! 




2 thoughts on “Coming Home ~ Embracing Resilience

  1. Kathryn Stock says:

    Congratulations, Susan.


  2. Margaret Early says:

    This is so lovely and you sound so much at peace now that you’ve returned to your beautiful beach. I love the idea of finding a place (or person, or thing) that allows us to be the best we can be. I hope that Manzanita will continue to be that for you.


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