This Fragile Life….

When we bring our energies together, they are increased a thousandfold. Systematic change cannot be achieved without the energy of community. If you want to transform society, you need a strong community. Without that, we can’t do anything at all.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh (The Art of Communicating)

(this post is created in honor of the expectant, intelligent, demanding voices & integrity of youth in a world of loss & inaction, after the tragedy at a U.S. high school.)


This forever fragile life ~ yet fierce and brave and so insistent. These past hours & days brought grief, horror, loss ,and pure clear insistence by the integrity of youth: Life is fragile, is miraculous, is to be honored and saved and loved.

Life Рdeath. Light Рdarkness. Cold Рwarmth. Hate Рlove. Confusion Рcompassion. Fear Рhope.  Anger Рcommitment. Intention Рaction.

These contrasting words of this past week, in a country full of chaotic change, lacking leadership and inspiration ~ led by the voices of children. How are we all so continually fortunate? Yes, fortunate, given another chance and another sunrise over & over,…to find a new morning full of youthful, intelligent expectations & demands – reminding the elders of their responsibility to preserve life, to stand for what they KNOW is right & just. To ACT on their useless words. TO HELP.¬†

This fragility upholds a constant strength. In every snowstorm, there lies the promise of spring. Out of the senseless loss from angry gunfire and irresponsible politicians, rises the power of transparent truth. We WILL choose a different path. The day cannot come soon enough.