9/11 ~ remembrances


9/11/2001 ~

~ I remember my aging mother in shock, watching the television news for hours…silently, fearfully grieving. ~Her generation having lived in HOPE ¬†that we would never live through another world war.

~ I remember my husband calling from his school classroom, so early, having just arrived with our oldest son, firmly telling me to turn on the television now…. his voice all fear and shock and horror.

~ I remember driving our younger son to his school, because he insisted on being with his friends and teachers, as the morning’s events unfolded across the hearts and minds of this wide country….leaving him there so reluctantly, not knowing what was safe anymore.

~ And I remember my own college students, especially those from other countries, far from their homes. The shaking fear they shared as we grieved and searched for answers together. I remember so intensely the tears on the faces of the young Korean students who knew better than we how unbearable it is to live in constant fear of war.

9/11/2017 ~

Today, I wonder and question what this world has learned. So much has changed, yet so much stays the same. Perhaps we still hold onto hope, but what will we do with that hope? How are we all affecting the quality of the day in our wish to help make the world a better place? What course are we following; what intentions do we hold; what commitments to act on change do we embrace?

“To protect creation, to protect every man and woman, to look upon them with¬†tenderness and love, ~ is to open up a horizon of HOPE.” ~ Pope Francis

To affect the quality of the day~ That is the highest of arts.” ~ H.D. Thoreau