Peace cannot be kept by force ~ It can only be achieved by understanding.


…Promote an understanding of deeper human value – which is compassion…The concept of universal responsibility based on compassion is now essential.

~ the DALAI LAMA  ~


I live in a sanctuary city, volunteer in a sanctuary education center. For me, it’s time to act, not just talk. The conversations for years have been important and necessary: a sharing of concerns, anxieties, values, beliefs. But it is time to do the work, become a part of the active solution.

There is a quiet revolution occuring around and within many countries, a new chapter in the historic “underground railroad” of providing sanctuary for the oppressed, the refugees, the immigrants – neighbors and global citizens. There are over 500 sanctuary cities & counties across the United States ~ not only in the East & West Coast liberal enclaves, but in the heartland of the Midwest and South, including Washington DC! Hundreds of towns and cities, here and abroad,- liberal & conservative, standing up for the most basic of human values: equality, freedom, peace with justice, compassion & understanding, sanctuary.

There is no time for fear. No time for anger. It is time to give support, to educate, to be the best we can be – not through conversation alone, but by being a part of the solution. Being a part of the sanctuary. Accepting the responsibility of compassion.

I resolve to do more with this life than I did yesterday, or last year, or all the years before. Be a safe place, a sanctuary for those in need, in whatever way my education & experience can provide. This “journey of resilience” challenges & sustains.

“We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones who’ll make a better place, so let’s start giving.” (Jackson/Richie)

…you know the song – start singing! 




ageless continuity



Even in the midst of all the mess of human nature ~ the struggle, fear, grief, hurt…~ there is still a quiet beauty present in small significant moments, ~offering, to those who observe, some miraculous hope.

As world leaders search for clarity & intelligent compassionate community, the natural world is abundant in an ageless continuity.