Summer Light


“HOPE  spreads around the earth, brightening all things… We beckon this good season to wait a while with us…implore you to stay a while with us, so we may learn by your shimmering light.”

~ MAYA ANGELOU, from the poem Amazing Peace



Summer Solstice, early morning. Just as I left it, in last night’s late sunset, the forest is resilient in the light of every new day. Light is always available. SOL…sun. STICE, from Sistere…stand still. Here it is! The longest moments of light. Embrace and hold the memory close for the shorter days of winter. Each day the goal surrounds me: Believe in the abiding power of an earth that is beyond our comprehension; know you are given such beauty for safe keeping. Be present.




Summer light of the Solstice day, brightening and enlightening, strengthening and giving.  The symbolism of light is endless through the ages of  ancient and new thought. When I stop and really see, really listen ~ the light is simply life, nothing more & nothing less, still inspiring, guiding, shining hope. In sunlight and in shadow….

Therefore, the wise take care of everyone and abandon no one. They take care of all things and abandon nothing. This is called ‘following the light.’ ”

~ Tao Te Ching, verse 27