To have faith is to have wings.

-JM Barrie (Peter Pan)


Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight, –

sings, knowing she has wings.

-Victor Hugo-


For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward-

and there  you will long to return.

– Leonardo Da Vinci –


FLIGHT: Freedom, Exploration, Lift, Surrender, Grace, Trust, Faith –

The power of community and individual, of solo and chorus, of one voice amid many, of the mystery and strength, the freedom of faith ~ To have faith in something we on the ground can never achieve…and yet hold onto the wonder of another being in flight! My life moves and soars with eagles, gulls, geese, sanderlings, crows and ravens ~ and hopes for such freedom.





dawn ~ on the north Pacific shore ~ Feb. 2017


Note: When I arrived here in 2011 from a traumatic time in the Peace Corps ~( a neighbor’s dog had just taken a huge bite out of my leg, a family had just been murdered down the road, someone had been beheaded while walking through town, numerous random robberies were occurring to colleagues) ~ I needed a sense of safety again ~ something we all too often may take for granted. I walked out onto this long expansive broad-horizoned beach, and sang thanksgiving. Here was a safe place, a foundation of faith, a country where we are freely given land and liberty. I will forever be grateful for the five years on this blessed coast, where I have healed and found resilience.

One thought on “Flight

  1. Jane Thomas says:

    Beautiful photos and thoughts, Susie. Thank you for all your gifts!


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