Dona nobis pacem



January 20, 2017 ~

 Dona nobis pacem. Give us peace.

~ I will Never stop striving for and serving compassion, intelligent awareness, inclusive equity, honor, courageous vision, and a hope born of faith in a miraculous world. In direct contrast with todays inflammatory inaugural speech of “he who shall not be named”, I Know the great gifts of this land, its people, the democracy, the integrity of past leaders and every citizen.  My life’s work will always aspire to serve the human need for peace, for understanding & compassion, for “life, liberty and the pursuit  of happiness.” Oh yes, how trite the old cliche, the national motto ~ but read it again: Isn’t the essence of our conflict found within our Fear of the loss of “life”, the loss of “liberty” and the eternally elusive “pursuit of happiness”?

Dona nobis pacem ~ Give us peace. “Stronger together.” “Yes, we can!”  Never forget.



Ancora imparo ~ I am still learning ~ Michelangelo