Insight, clarity, illumination, warmth, health, ~guiding , always returning, constant gift.

We receive the light ~ and then we impart it~ Thus we repair the world. ~ the Kabbalah




When we truly see, what do we learn? When we know our truth, how do we act? When we live our values, where is our courage? When we offer compassion, yet stand for what is just, who is our guide?

The New Year brings questions, fears and amazing light ~ The challenge is to see, to know, to live with compassion in the midst of challenge, to own this gift of returning, eternal light ~ and find courage to act and “be the change we wish to see in the world” ~always.

The wise take care of everyone and abandon no one. They take care of all things and abandon nothing. This is called ‘following the light.’ ~ verse 27, The Tao Te Ching