Lost and Found



Look at the ending of this day ~ perhaps a day of amazement, or one of struggle. Look how quickly the light changes. While much is lost ~ youth, trust, love, peace, ~ so much more is found, over & over, in perpetual resilience. How is it that we begin again & again with a renewed hope, a found optimism, a release of fear and loss? What gifts! Embrace the lost; open to the found. Look now at this moving air and light, as the earth turns over to a new night.






The season of transition is here ~ between people, lands, sun and sea ~ somehow, we let go of angry rhetoric, a sense of loss & being lost, knowing words can never harm unless we give them power ~ Somehow, we are given the strength to rise, like a new day, in the resilient crazy optimism of innocence. Or is it the mature intelligence of experience? No matter who wins and who loses ~ or what is lost and what may be found~ OH! How we are gifted/blessed/empowered and absolutely called to change this beautiful world only for the better! 

Compassion, empathy, tolerance, intelligent conversation, mindfulness, listening…and silently absorbing the given light. Being glad, grateful, gracious! We ARE all one….and “STRONGER TOGETHER.” Continue the conversations. Walk through those open doors. Reject anger. Offer resilience. ~

(you will not believe this, but a white dove just flew very close to my face at my window as I was writing……then perched on a branch & stopped to look straight at me. Amazing grace)



(photos of Pacific Ocean,Oregon coast, August 31, 2016 sunset)