On the edge:Leadership in Democracy


He has the right to criticize, who has the heart to help.

~  Abraham Lincoln ~

The people of the United States of America are on the edge of dramatic, possibly dangerous, leadership choices within this democracy. When we vote for a leader, we are voting FOR principles,standards, and philosophies of that candidate.  With our vote, we become a representative of that candidate. When you vote, vote FOR your choice, NOT AGAINST the opposition.

Will you vote for bigotry, racism, misogeny, narcissism, bullying, violence, hatred, alienation of national and international leaders?  Will you vote for someone praised by tyrants and dictators, condemned by U.S. allies and the UN Security Council? Can you vote for false leadership, based on flagrant,inflammatory hate speech on the world stage? Can you vote for a history of greed and little philanthropy; egotistical branding, numerous bankruptcies, lying and cheating, shape shifting in order to receive praise?

Will you honestly vote for someone who many people over 80 have compared to Hitler of the 1930’s?

Democracy is the gift of the citizens of the United States. It is our gift, but also our greatest challenge. Voting is our right and our responsibility. It can be used and misused, powerful and empowering,  destructive or creative. Why do we vote? It is our right and responsibility to vote RESPONSIBLY, not just RIGHTEOUSLY.

Your vote and my vote represent our values, wherever we are coming from. When any one of us votes for a candidate who embraces and proclaims all the aforementioned dangerous characteristics & priorities, then  by our vote we demonstrate what WE are and believe in.

Try this, if you will: an exercise in defining leadership ~ Write a list of the attributes you would hope to find in a great world leader. Let your list be idealistic, while also realistic. Then, identify  leaders in the world who come closest to your vision. Next, who is the antithesis of your definition? If no qualified world leader emerges in this present conflagration of presidential politics,then consider this with me: should you vote? When does our responsibility to vote become dangerous rather than helpful? When does our criticism cease to empower positive change? When we choose to vote, we are voting FOR a world leader, not just AGAINST the opponent.

Study ALL the sources. Read and listen to ALL sides, across the globe. Watch and really see and hear. Then trust what YOU know to be TRUE and JUST. We ARE a global, inclusive community; not an insular exclusive country. Our voting right and responsibility reaches far beyond the borders of state and country. This is a dangerous time. How will we embrace our power to help?

The Dalai Lama said: “My religion is compassion.”

Pope Francis said: “Build bridges; not walls.”

Lincoln said: “He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.”

Christ said: Love one another as I have loved you.”



2 thoughts on “On the edge:Leadership in Democracy

  1. JIM RESTIN says:

    Unfortunately, sometimes one must vote against more than for. It is our right and our responsibility to place our vote where it has the most potential for the survival of this wonderful experiment that is The United States of America. I personally have a deep distrust and disregard for both of the presidential candidates, but I will vote for the one less likely to plunge us into a world war and its attendant miseries. As Patrick O’Brien put it, it comes down to “the lesser of two weevils.” I hope I will live to see a cooperative government which reaches compromise instead of deadlock, and I pray that our society will produce a new generation of true leaders in the tradition of Lincoln, Disraeli and Gandhi. Perhaps, when we have been bankrupt long enough we will set our sights higher. One can hope.

    • Deb Tinnin says:

      Trump represents hatred (mocking vets who were captured such as McCain, mocking a disabled journalists, treating women as objects, calling Mexicans rapists, barring all Muslims because of their faith) and is quite comfortable with that feeling. So there is no question about who the better candidate is unless you share Trumps outlook on our fellow human beings.

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