Peace. How fortunate am I, and perhaps you, to live in peace. This one gift, this one life and freedom, surpasses all others. Peace, above all, is the absolute source of my “thanksgiving.” If only I could GIVE it to the world at war, the world full of fear and mistrust.¬†

Thanks for: ~ anyone who is making a positive change in the world, who is a peacemaker. Even in our small communities, our insignificant existence, ~we can “be peace” for others, and perhaps move the world forward in some small measure.¬†

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Thanks for: Life ~ Freedom ~ Shining beaches. Expansive skies & seas. The abundance of love.


Thanks for: Old trees ~ Shelter, work, laughter.



THANKS FOR: Harvests ~ green growing.  Children, Friends ~ Old loves and new. Compassion.

TRUST ~ FAITH ~ PEACE ~ Amidst all that is wrong with the world, can we embrace the good that remains? Can we still make a difference? I am more thankful than ever.