Harvesting Change


“What unites us as human beings is the aspiration to make the world better, more compassionate, with less conflict, less hate and hardship, and with more tolerance and understanding.” ~ ELIE WIESEL

October brings change. Distant sunlight. Shortened days. Brilliant colors. Harvesting. Moving on, within, and through. A counselor once wisely told me: “You cannot move PAST grief; you must move THROUGH it.” Perhaps this is true of all life changes. Einstein said: “In difficulty lies opportunity.”

I will embrace the vision, confidence and clarity that results from acting on positive change. As I decide to look beyond myself, the whole world ~in all its wonder, community, chaos, challenge and hope~ opens up to my capability to affect change and to be inspired. 

I have “put my garden to bed” for the winter ~ even while I rediscover the shapes,textures and colors of fall. As I turn away from past difficulty, a new brilliance & awareness envelopes my path. See the light coming through the old growth forest in the photo above? See the simple path lit below through a complexity of alder leaves?  As I wandered beneath and beside those living beings, looking up and into the light, simplicity was my blessing. No need to further philosophize: being still, silent, listening and truly seeing, is ALL.