Our Resilient Light

” Till ringing, singing, on its way,

the world revolved from night to day

A voice, a chime, chant sublime,

of peace on earth, good will to men.” ~ H.W. Longfellow


Every December, the shortest day and longest night of our year passes quickly into our collective past…and we sigh with gratitude for the unending resilience of our light. For who can own the light, the turning of the earth, the movement of the seasons of the sun & moon? Perhaps each of us, in our way, may claim that most resilient light ~ in our need for vision, our search for truth & trust, our absolute knowing that only faith in an unfathomable source can sustain.  Image

Always available, this miraculous light gives again & again our life, our love, our being, our inspiration.


“Till ringing,singing, on its way

the world revolved from night to day…” Longfellow




2 thoughts on “Our Resilient Light

  1. Thank you Susan for bringing light to the world.
    Happy Holidays

  2. Peggy Paul says:

    Your words…and those of the greats from which you draw…Longfellow, Wadsworth, Whitman…are always a guaranteed smile, ponder, wonder and most of all, the perfect gift. Peace to you, Susan!

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