Explore ~ Trust

Enter ~

Explore ~

Act ~

Complete ~

Let Go ~

The Five Stages of Wise Action, as taught at the ALIA Institute, Halifax, N.S.Image

We enter our lives, our querying moments, with clear intention. We explore as we gather insight. We then act with integrity and individual responsibility. Perhaps encountering a conflict between head and heart, between hesitation(re-activity) and spontaneity(creativity), but moving into the action. We act to complete, with focus on the intention, decisive, trusting. We let go, as our action is completed and passed on. There is power, is alive energy.

The Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) Institute embraces and surrounds with inspiration. The intention is to guide, to help, to encourage positive futures and action in the world. Image

…and here we are. Be present in each other. Be true in love and thought. Be gentle, listening with an open spirit ~ giving, inspiring.


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