Shining light ~ shimmering on water, sand, cloud ~ passing through glass, eye, mind ~ illuminating paths through tree, rock, water ~


Available, free, life-giving, warmth, opening the dark ~

Infusion, insight ~ untouchable, refracting, multiplying, increasing intensity ~ energy ~


Shining light ~ re-imaging a world of color every morning, from darkest shades of night ~


Spreading evening firelight in the presence of shadows ~


Spring ~ Easter ~ LIGHT ~

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

              “May the road rise up to meet you ~ May the wind be always at your back.”  ~ Irish Blessing

It’s one thing to feel the power of a journey of resilience, and quite another to find the knowledge & insight required to make the choices that lead to a resilient life.

Knowing ~ accepting ~ trusting~ our limitations, in the midst of offering a life of service, is most challenging and a never-ending source of learning.

In less than 2 months, I will be 63, yet I keep starting over, placing myself in demanding situations requiring a clear eye, an open heart & mind, coupled with a second look at changing limitations of my life. As much as we may pray for opportunity, choice, open doors, discovery, creative altruistic work ~ I hope to find a way to observe our choices through the eyes of being 43, and 23 and, truthfully, 63.

The beautiful shining March light is all around. The Irish moss moves forward across garden stones and mixes with small blue flowers. No matter the concerns, continuous gifts surround.


Here ~ a wish for peace and understanding, and just a bit of Irish “luck”, on our journey of resilience.

May the blessings of each day, be the blessings you need most.” ~ Irish Blessing