Guidance of Light

This date ~ 12-12-12 ~ auspicious,  gift of another day.

With the new day, comes new strength and new thoughts. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

As the light of this glorious day fades gracefully, there is left behind a sense of gratitude, an awareness of having witnessed something rare.Image

Contrasts of morning and evening light supply a need for combining our own souls with the unspeakable infinite power of the natural world.Image

A confident sense of completeness pervades the stillness after the storm. Go into the evening and the following day with a knowledge of heart stopping beauty, of something so spiritual as to defy words.

Go ~ Be ~ Absorb ~ Be well, laugh, give in this giving season, trust.

Mother’s Prayer, remembered on her birthday:

Guide my heart, my mind, my hands. Guide my heart.~ Frances Ralston Restin

One thought on “Guidance of Light

  1. Karen Weaver says:

    Susan, I have enjoyed your photographs and your words. Thanks so much for sharing this with others. I’m so blessed to have you as my beach neighbor! Karen

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