from Hope to Faith ~ 2012

Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow. ~ EINSTEIN


                                  A  Gathering  of  Wisdom


Look ~ as we move out of this year, 2012, a time of gathering…wisdom, challenge, intuition, compassion. Listen ~ relinquish old hopes for renewed faith. 

Here I have gathered thoughts written throughout this season of transitions and love, of giving and gifts, of learning and teaching and sharing our lives within the immensity of God’s world.

First ~phrases from a creative piece from the ALIA conference( direction was to write something which paraphrases “the story of your life of action in the world” to accompany our Chinese large brush stroke work ~

Intuition ~ Peace

crossroads ~ path ~ transitional open-ended journey

winds of change ~ TOGETHER ~ strength

“the road goes ever on”….Tolkien

a Forest Place ~

Bold movement ~ Now!

Peace of place

Write with decisive insight ~ Dance, fly, with gathered intuition

Open space allowed

Let go ~ run ~ be ~ into Joy ~ ever onward ~ growing

coming full circle? ~ Open circles! ~( July 2012, Halifax,N.S.)

and more journal notes~……..A new time, new year, new every moment ~ so many changes, learning limitations, to say “no” ~ or “yes” ~ to reach out, and to stay still ~ to be in the world, yet outside ~ to pray, to turn hope into faith.

May the coming day and year bring great news, great opportunity, open doors which sing with hope, and treasure of spirit, revelations I cannot anticipate.

There comes a time when wonder removes grief, when beauty infuses light into all ~ a time to just be, to listen, to simplify, breathe, trust, pray ~ to accept a spiritual plan of good which will provide enough, if your work and heart are in tune.

Exploring, always asking why, where, who, what way & plan? Immediately I find a stone of heart shape at my feet, a solid small reminder that I AM home. I am where I am meant to be. I am unendingly  & amazingly blessed.

Be true to yourself, I remind myself…give back with joy, impart light to others ~ and it will return again to inspire…help others to find “home”. Say “yes” to finding a way to lead, to inspire, to simply BE.

Walk ~ so singularly silent on a wide, brilliant beach ~ sometimes a day full of light and calm, anticipation and good. That’s all, and it is enough.

I pray for my children, for all children ~ to know true compassion, to be given chances and choices, to be honored, respected, loved deeply, fairly and completely.

On the beach, or in the forest, embraced by such powerful immensity of water, trees, air….shining, singing sunlight so often breaks through morning clouds, shines warm on my face, and I hear: “Listen, see, be still and know.” And I wait & watch until the light fades, and I have been alone, yet not.

On a mountain trail the towering ancient trees surround and embrace, inspire & shield.


Be clear ~ Listen bravely, completely.

There,on cleanswept wet sand, yesterdays myriad shells and stones buried by the nights high tide, ~ there, sunk halfway down, I lifted one single heart. Looking along the miles of sand, there are no other stones and no one to witness this gift.

ImageIncredible beauty ~ the wide expansive skies, the storms and sun, the snow, the evening moon in fog, small stones, shining shells, immense powerful water, ancient forests ~ such gifts. Accept your gifts, I tell myself…through your faith, your truth will be clear soon.

There is forever much to give. As a journey of resilience continues, meanders, leads ~ look forward in faith, trusting you are prepared to help. What is a day, or a night ~ but the passing of time? Why measure our lives in days?

Measure, rather, in moments, in insights, in gifts, in light, dark, ~ in love. Open heart, mind & soul to learning ~ to compassion, to reason. Be clear, and search always for clarity.

Listen well, and speak the truth.

Embrace ~  and be embraced. Release and let go ~ be released. Look and remember ~ yet never completely let go, but TRUST enough to gently let it be.

2012 ~ a time of immensity ~ of gathering wisdom ~ of good neighbors, new friends and old, passing souls on beach walks & trails, family, inspirations ~ all in gratitude & giving.







…”and still I am learning…” ~Michaelangelo


“…and still I am learning….”~ Michaelangelo     

Sunrise on a new era of inspiration: Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, Manzanita, Oregon

Listen and hope to really hear. Look and try to clearly see. Open hearts, minds, lives to learning. Be an instrument of peace, compassion and reason.

It is Christmas when we let God love others through us. ~ Mother Teresa



Guidance of Light

This date ~ 12-12-12 ~ auspicious,  gift of another day.

With the new day, comes new strength and new thoughts. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

As the light of this glorious day fades gracefully, there is left behind a sense of gratitude, an awareness of having witnessed something rare.Image

Contrasts of morning and evening light supply a need for combining our own souls with the unspeakable infinite power of the natural world.Image

A confident sense of completeness pervades the stillness after the storm. Go into the evening and the following day with a knowledge of heart stopping beauty, of something so spiritual as to defy words.

Go ~ Be ~ Absorb ~ Be well, laugh, give in this giving season, trust.

Mother’s Prayer, remembered on her birthday:

Guide my heart, my mind, my hands. Guide my heart.~ Frances Ralston Restin