Unsettled…..the leaving of leaves

People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.

                                           ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


We long to be settled, to be at home, to even find “home”. What if it were the inherent quality and most profound value of our journey to be Unsettled?

“O Leaves, I will miss you when you’re gone.” I sent a silent plea toward the old cherry tree, leaves beginning their fall dance of color and light. Leaves leave us, yet produce an open sky and a garden blanket, to bring the winter light and shield the earth from cold.

“Stay! Wait – be here- now- let’s be still together and patient one more moment. Winter’s approaching, with the drama of wind & storm,….can we prepare together?” Unsettled, resuming a journey of possibility and resilient gathering in, I absorb the brief &  transient beauty of the leaving of  leaves.